FLUX Branding is a strategic marketing firm located in the heart of the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles. Much like our neighborhood, FLUX is built on a solid foundation of multi-disciplinary work and life experiences. We are a diverse team of executives, creatives and account champions in the midst of a crusade to deliver big ideas and bold design that result in dynamic communications. We transform business challenges into marketing opportunities that realign expectations, reaffirm consumer confidence and reassert industry leadership. FLUX works across a kaleidoscope of industries including technology, automotive, real estate, restaurants, retail, legal and professional services.

We approach every project with The Idea Method, a proven methodology to understand your brand internally, listen to the perception of your brand externally and build a powerful harmony between the two. It’s a mission born out of our passion for branding. Apathy is our enemy, enthusiasm is our ammunition. We won’t settle for anything less.