July - Font of the Month

Typography doesn’t need to be fancy or complicated to be fantastic. Clean letterforms, placed thoughtfully in a space supported by a punch-in-the-gut color is all you need

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Top 5 Brand Benefits

What’s the value of a great brand? The truth is, a great brand can affect valuation in several fundamental ways. Here’s a list of the top 5 branding benefits for commerci

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First Tuesday {August}

Authentic brands quickly communicate the truth about a company, product or service. When that truth appeals to a consumer’s own sense of truth,

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Branding secrets revealed over brews. Join The Modern Pirate, Justin McCormick, to explore how brands tick for men. With decades of brand activation experience for cars, c

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First Tuesday {October}

Happy October. We've played some tricks with the First Tuesday look this month. Much thanks to Lyric and David for the treat. Enjoy this month's combination of balance, experi

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First Tuesday {August}


 Attachment is the foundation for connection, and one of the essential concepts brands use to influence you. Explore "attachment" in this short poetic piece that in ...


First Tuesday {July}


Happy Independence Day! It's what we Americans are all about— independence. Today's reflection revolves around the concept of Salvage & ...


First Tuesday {June}


The world you see depends on how you see the world. These are extraordinary times for communications. The nature of “facts” have been pu ...


First Tuesday {May}


What’s your reason to believe? I consider myself a reasonable person. In fact, I tend to make most of my decisions based on reason. By observing a ...

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Case Study: Beverly Hills Performing Arts Center


Celebrating culture and arts in our communityThe Beverly Hills Performing Arts Center is the largest active center for the performing arts in Beverly Hills. A historic ...


First Tuesday {April}


Everything has its place An essential element of your brand strategy is determining an authentic market position for your company, product or service. Whi ...

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What the Flux? @FLUXBRANDING

What the Flux? @FLUXBRANDING


  • This week, the Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul rented out the parking lot adjacent to our studio and built a temporary Los Pollos Hermanos set for filming. Just one of the many perks of working in the heart of DTLA's Arts District. #breakingbad #bettercallsaul #fluxbranding
  • Global aesthetics are a big part of our design inspiration at Flux Branding. The Far East is our newest fascination. Our fearless leaders Jamie and Karen, have been on a Taiwanese adventure with their daughter, Olivia, who is teaching English there on a Fulbright Scholarship. They've been exploring the island for two weeks checking out all the food, culture and splendor Taiwan has to offer. We can't wait to see what they bring back.
To follow their picturesque journey, check out Jamie's Instagram @jamieschwartzman and Karen's Instagram @cre8tivkaren.#fluxbranding #flux #branding #taiwan #familyvacation #easternpromises #fulbrightscholar
  • Art Direction for Vehicles in Mad Max: Fury Road.
Last week at our creative meeting, our senior art director, Sean Marleau, presented a photographic series of the cars used in Mad Max: Fury Road. Sean pointed out that this rustic and steampunk vision was not merely aesthetic. He kept coming back to this idea of functionality and purpose.In a post-apocalyptic desert scenario, the world of the film truly determines the functionality of these gorgeous beasts.After close examination of these vehicles, it is clear that the art directors truly lent themselves to their imagination and to the world of Mad Max: Fury Road.To find the link to see the rest of the series, visit our blog at #flux #labranding #branding #advertising #losangeles
  • What is #VirtualReality and where is it heading? 😎Here's a great think piece that @KCRW did with some of the leading experts in the virtual reality industry to gain a better understanding of the VR industry and where it is headed now (link in bio 🔝). We've also integrated #VR into our company through via @RealViewVR {check it out} 🕶 #SeeingIsBelieving #FluxBranding #VirtualReality #DTLA #LosAngeles #RealViewVR #Branding #RealEstate #VirtualTours #TakeALookAround
  • A little pre-celebratory for our fearless leaders day of birth 🎁🎂😎🎉 @jamieschwartzman // 📸: @cre8tivkaren // #HBD #BdayVibes #FluxBranding #Design #PhotoInAPhoto #LosAngeles #ArtsDistrict #FrenchBulldogsofInstgram #HappyYouDay
  • CC: @photoshop #CapsuleTutorial #Design #Ps #Branding #LosAngeles #DTLA
  • Who You Are + What You Do = Brand Identity // What do you want people to think when they come across your website and/or platform? 🤔 #FoodForThought #TipsTuesday #Branding #Design #Identity #FluxBranding #DesignStudio #DTLA #LosAngeles #ArtsDistrict
  • First we think it, then we design it (Rome wasn't built in a day) 🤘 #FluxFridays #Design #Concept #Phases #DTLA #FluxBranding #LosAngeles #Process #Branding #ArtsDistrict
  • STAFF SPOTLIGHT: The head of Flux is usually wearing a hat and goatee, making @JamieSchwartzman easy to spot in a crowd. The son of an artist and a doctor, he was raised with both left-brain and right-brain sensibility. This makes him equally adept in the boardroom and in the studio, fusing business acumen and creative prowess in a rare display of talent...Read more by going to link in bio 🔝} #TeamFlux #FluxBranding #CreativeStudio #DTLA #ArtsDistrict #LosAngeles #StaffSpotlight


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