The IDEA is Better Branding

Typically a company will think seriously about the condition of their brand during times of challenge. A successful branding initiative is an asset that can be measured on the balance sheet, in the boardroom and in the trenches. It’s important that the branding firm you choose is the right fit for your company. It is also important that you understand the steps it will take to reach a successful outcome.

The IDEA Method™ is the 4-step process we use to understand our clients needs develop a strategy, create communications and spread your brand messages across all media platforms. Each step logically defines how we systematically approach our engagement from every angle, considering all possibilities, and listening to all influencers. It is a logical, rational approach for creating authentic brands that generate emotions that resonate with stakeholders, customers, constituents and even competitors.

The IDEA Method™ insures that all of our collective energy is fueled by information, innovation, inspiration and insight. The result is a powerful, authentic brand personality that can be projected across all levels of constituent outreach. A brand that reflects who you really are and what you really do so that customers can connect with your story, form an emotional bond with your brand and strongly consider any new product or service that you offer.


The initial spark between you and FLUX. We stop, look and listen to everything happening within your brand, your employees, your industry, your customers and your competitors to understand the 360 degrees of your current situation. The outcome is a Research Report that provides a baseline of information from which to grow a real and authentic brand.

Seven points of ignition at the outset of our engagement:




We boil down the information we gathered during the investigation into the essence of your unique selling principles. Great brands set themselves apart and celebrate what makes them different. These differences are then fine tuned as assets that inform brand concepts, mood boards, core copy and info-graphics we aggregate into a strategic document.

Seven areas of distillation:

Mood Boards
Core Copy
Unique Selling Propositions
Communications Architecture



We set our creatives free to turn the vision into tangible assets like naming, logo, color, tagline and corporate identity. These deliverables collectively form a visual language that powers all communications with your brand intuitively and immediately.  To insure that all silos of your company are aligned, we prepare a practical Style Manual that is maintained as reference for all of your creative execution.

Seven imperatives to create energy:

Corporate ID
Color Palette
Images & Photos

CLIENT DELIVERABLE – Brand Book/Style Guide


Now it’s time to leverage your brand, by turning on the strategies for successful campaigns. We create simple, bold communications that carry the brand to your constituents in websites, sales collateral, packaging, exhibits, events, presentations, videos, social media initiatives, promotions and trade shows. Through ongoing collaboration, we are your partner across a broad range of initiatives that have a singular purpose: achieve business objectives.

Seven phases of activation:

Sales Collateral
Social Media

CLIENT DELIVERABLE – Tools to Close Business


Without a clearly understood process and plan in place, the Branding can be physically and emotionally disruptive. New collateral needs to be developed. Old habits and messages need to be tabled. New 
attitudes and restructured tolerances need to be addressed. When we work, you will have a clear calendar with identifiable milestones and a communications strategy so that our work will not disrupt yours.

The IDEA method is our proven 4-step process developed by working with hundreds of personalities in over a dozen years, across a panorama of industries and initiatives. As a result of those experiences, we have a plan and a back up plan to keep things on track, on time and on budget. Usually, the only surprises are pleasant one.

At FLUX Branding we will be your strategic partner for months and perhaps years to come. At the conclusion of our initiative your brand will feel fresh and yet reflect the authentic story of your company, your products and your services. You will have a great idea. Good brands make it look effortless. Good firms know that it’s not.