Nothing Like That NEW BRAND SMELL

Unless you’re a CIA agent or a private investigator,
the worst thing in business is to be the best-kept secret.

We help put your brand’s stake into the ground. We guide you in establishing a firm foundation so that your brand’s authentic identity can grow and prosper beyond your wildest expectations. We keep you present and focused on the clear path ahead so that future success is one step closer. We listen with an open heart and a strategic mind, always looking for the smartest, simplest way for your brand to get noticed.


Effective branding is an ongoing process that enables your company to wow customers, woo audiences and court new markets. An authentic brand identity will increase sales, establish strategic partnerships and launch new lines or divisions while staying true to your corporate vision.

A strong brand engages people quickly, predictably and emotionally so customers, vendors and investors form a deep connection that forges loyalty. Authentic brands rise above the noise, transcending price, features and benefits. Authentic brands are loveable. Authentic brands are irresistible.

As brand strategists, we work with you to develop a hands-down consensus about who you are and a hands-up readiness for where you are heading. Instinctively understanding your offerings and your audience, we analyze consumer behavior and craft bold brand messages that will engage their emotions, refine their beliefs and inspire action.

Our creative specialists thoughtfully execute your brand’s identity, designing visual, interactive and experiential communication for your core audiences. Then, our account champions press forward with you to specify campaign tactics that will yield strong and measurable results. Finally, the team will sit down with you and evaluate our progress towards creating industry leadership and the realization of your business objectives.


The face of your brand should get you noticed. It should be unique enough to grab attention, real enough to trust and cool enough to want to get to know. Positive first impressions are critical to your success. Your brand is not just your logo, your stationery, your business card, the sign on your building or your website. It is often the first thing people see and the last thing people remember. Whatever your business, there is tremendous competition out there and everyone wants to look good. Our bold design gets people talking and our authentic messages resonate with consumers on an emotional level, creating an immediate connection that goes beyond the point of first impressions.

Our designers see the world a little differently. They see patterns and colors and white space. They see forms and curves and lines. They take the foundation of your brand message and tell it in words and pictures that please the eye, engage the mind and enrich the heart. Their vision ensures that your brand’s identity will be embraced across every platform of your brand strategy including print, web, traditional media, advertising and signage. FLUX removes any mask of insincerity, making sure that what the world sees is real. Because what makes your brand authentic is what makes your brand brilliant.


Your online presence is more than just your website, and your website is more than just a digital brochure. Your website presents an opportunity to connect with your customers in an environment where they are already comfortable, and a powerful platform for reinforcing your brand identity. We focus on design and user experience while ensuring that your site stays true to the core of your brand. With a solid website, we expand strategy to include digital marketing campaigns that build brand loyalty, recognition, authority, and credibility.

We help the world meet you. Through a strong behavioral strategy, we target your established and potential client base to bring the most receptive audience to you. Through SEO, paid advertising, and lead generation, we ensure your brand is showing up in the right places to reach that audience. Social media and email promotions proliferate your brand message across a variety of platforms that consumers interact with on a daily basis, cementing your place in their hearts and minds while building loyalty.

Web strategies are highly personalized and flexible for each brand. We won’t suggest including something that we don’t believe will help you reach business objectives just because someone else is doing it. Conversely, we won’t shy away from things we believe are important just because no one else is doing them. Innovation is expected. Execution is imperative. Attachment is the desired outcome. FLUX makes sure that the digital connection with your audience will make your brand resonate.


The most memorable moments occur in person, live, face to face. Experiential marketing is the most effective opportunity to engage your audience with meaningful communications while simultaneously learning more about their needs. Satisfying in-person experiences are engaging, and when properly executed, extremely effective tools for developing brand affinity that turns warm leads hot.

FLUX Branding creates, plans, organizes and executes brand activation experiences that extend our strategy and creative execution of your brand identity. We are experts at designing trade show booths and event marketing campaigns that create intimate sales and brand loyalty moments.

Our team will help you find the right shows or create the right events to maximize the impact or your experiential marketing campaign. From finding the perfect sign spinners for an open house, to casting booth hosts for a 1500-square-foot trade show exhibit, FLUX Branding will help you create memorable experiences that will have impact long after the show is over.