First Tuesday

Brands Take Stands

Where do you stand? You might not realize it, but you align yourself withbrandsthat reflect your own preferences. Think about it. I choose what to buy based on how I feel a ...

First Tuesday, December 2018
Essay: Are You Ready For 2019 | Spotlight: Pet Pal Finn

If you think you need to look at your brand, you do. The BIG question is timing. With branding, it’s not now or never. (more…) ...

First Tuesday, November 2018
Essay: Fact or Fake? | Spotlight: AAPEX 2018

Perhaps you’re among the few that cast a ballot today. It’s likely that how you voted was a function of your response to an avalanche of messages. Were they fact or fake?  ...

First Tuesday, October 2018
Essay: Meet the Vocal Minority | Spotlight: The Taft Building

You will NOT vote this November. That’s the overwhelming assumption based on the data. (more…) ...

First Tuesday, September 2018
Essay: Crack Digital for Winning Campaigns | Spotlight: Mat Cooperstein

With the explosion of online platforms, brands have a range of new tools to showcase their identity to consumers. Let’s crack the code for great strategy. (more…) ...

First Tuesday, August 2018
Essay: Your Brand is Your Voice | Spotlight: Temple of the Arts

Your brand speaks who you are to the world. A strong aesthetic and visual design are important, but a clear written style is the basis of brand recognition and identity. (mor ...

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