Dandelion Chocolate at ROW DTLA

Dandelion Chocolate at ROW DTLA

Few things are as pleasurable as chocolate. We like those other things too, but they are always better with the flavor of great cocoa. And there’s a new game in our hood, Dandelion Chocolate. Their Pop-up shop at ROW DTLA is worth a trip.

Dandelion takes the art of chocolate higher than we’ve dreamed of. Single-sourced and small-batched, each bar includes the origin and tasting notes. They’re purists, allowing the true flavor of the roasted beans to take center stage. Two ingredients: cocoa and sugar. Nothing else stands in the way.

Stop by Dandelion Chocolate at ROW DTLA, and say hi to Norah. After launching the brand in the SF Ferry Building, she’s here in the Arts District bringing it to us. Their quality is simply exceptional.

My favorite item: Cocoa Nibs, Costa Esmereldas, Ecuador. These shelled and cracked cocoa beans are excellent for snacking and sweet or savory toppings.

Dandelion Chocolate, ROW DTLA, 787 S Alameda St #120, Los Angeles, CA 90021  |  www.dandelionchocolate.com

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