First Tuesday {May}

First Tuesday {May}


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The promise of being somewhere without actually going is now becoming possible—using a solution more simple than anyone imagined. Virtual reality is a viable technology, and mass-market access is happening right now.

We’ve developed a low-cost platform we call RealViewVR. Using it we can quickly deploy VR solutions for clients that change the way places are seen. To understand it best, I’ll start with a quick primer to help bring you up to speed.


In the 1990’s, developers relied on sophisticated visualization devices. Fitted with a helmet and specialized gloves, experimental entertainment and gaming efforts explored new possibilities for virtual reality experiences. But the high cost of development, coupled with inadequate computing power and display technology, brought that to an end.


> Sometimes it takes complexity to recognize the beauty of simplicity.

The Victorian era produced the stereoscope. The earliest type of stereoscope was invented by Sir Charles Wheatstone in 1838. The design was later improved by David Brewster, who’s also known as the inventor of the kaleidoscope.Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. simplified it further, developing an economical model that became a popular novelty.


Then came the View-Master, patented in 1939. Using a plastic viewer fitted with two lenses and a lever, you could see 3D images using left-and right-eye photos viewed simultaneously. An interchangeable film-strip wheel held images. A special camera allowed people to take their own stereo pictures as well.

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Fast-forward to June 2014. Google developers extend the stereoscope by substituting a mobile phone for the film-strip. Their low-cost approach was, in part, a reaction to their failing Google Glass experiment that was not gaining traction. To minimize the device, a simple cardboard box viewer was invented, and it was simply namedGoogle Cardboard.


Using “spherical” photographs of real estate projects, prospects can see a full 360 degree view of properties. New, low-cost cameras like the Ricoh Theta-S are making it easy to capture high-quality 360 photos and videos. Renderings of in-construction projects can provide excellent visualizations to see what’s yet to be built.


By embedding these images into Google Cardboard, we’ve successfully accomplished a real opportunity for delivery of VR through an App we call RealViewVR. A cloud-based content management platform allows us to quickly upload 360 images, insert navigational “hotspots” and launch custom apps on both iOS and Android platforms in a matter of minutes.

> VR is a tool, not a toy.

While many see VR as entertainment, I’m more convinced that it’s more useful as a tool that does something nothing else can. VR is still clunky; wearing a headset is awkward and it can be hard on the eyes. But short-format VR content can help you see places more completely, allowing you to look where you choose and streamline decision making. As a result, it’s use for real estate is obvious. You can look at a property before you go see it, or take a second visit after you’ve left.

In addition to providing a new way to view real estate developments, VR elevates the brand of the property. It positions the developer as forward thinking, technically advanced and capable of successfully bringing cutting edge solutions to the table. It’s more than seeing a property—it changes the way the property is seen.

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RealViewVR delivers images in stereo to a smartphone

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Smartphones are used as the display in the viewer

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Various headsets are available, all with different qualities.

We’ve collected a variety of headsets and continue to perfect how to bring VR to real estate developers today. RealViewVR provides a real solution to quickly showcase properties using Google Cardboard viewers. It’s new, and just rolling out for selected properties.

RealViewVR features:
• Cloud-based content management platform that organizes all photos & videos
• Hotspot additions to images for quick navigation
• Creation capability for both iOS and Android apps
• One-click upload to iTunes and Play stores
• Custom printed Cardboard headset viewer

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Take a peek for yourself.

Bottom Line: VR apps are quickly changing the landscape. If you are already exploring a solution to include it then you are ahead of many. But, if you are still on the sidelines, you may be giving your competition an edge. Get involved now for a first mover advantage.

Want to talk about VR? Drop us a note or stop by the studio. What we’re doing could help you make the change you’ve been looking for and elevate your brand.


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When God made the French Bulldog, he must have been giggling. Their playful demeanor is complimented by their bizarre appearance, which somehow is completely attractive instead of immediately repulsive. They are unique creatures indeed.

Such is our studio stud: Stitch. He’s got an attitude that results in some peculiar quirks. Don’t show him scissors; they drive him nuts, and for some reason, umbrellas drive him crazy as well. Wheels also get his attention—he’ll chew them to pieces.

We don’t try reason, he won’t respond to logic. Instead, we simply tolerate his behavior and chalk it up to character. It’s this strength of character that we admire (when he’s not snoring in the corner after sleeping off his antics.)


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I’m not willing to be too pragmatic.

The most significant achievements come when there’s big vision. Sometimes it’s the hardest choices that generate huge results. Often it’s the willingness to explore new territories, take a stand, or dig deeper that sets the stage for greatness.

That’s why you need a dream. It acts as an aspirational point of reference that’s based on infinite possibility. Dreams aren’t limited by what we know physically, they are inspired by pure imagination.

It takes guts and determination to build a meaningful brand that will make a difference. The people who are willing to follow their dreams not only change the world—they reap the rewards of tremendous success. Don’t settle. Dream.

Happy May on this First Tuesday.

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