Discovering the authentic and original character of your brand is simpler when the nuances of your business are already our expertise.

Your brand exists within the relevance of your industry, and serves as the key mechanism for differentiating you from the competition. Flux has extensive project experience across several business categories, allowing us to rapidly deliver well-informed communications solutions.

Like people, we believe brands are constantly growing. Knowing your industry results in relevant branding that helps increase sales, reach new audiences, court new markets, establish strategic partnerships and launch new lines – all while staying true to your core principles and purpose.

When people require the assistance of an expert, their scrupulousness goes into high gear. They demand the very best option for their specific needs.

Authenticity is paramount across all brand identities, and none more so than in this area. Compelling branding for any professional service must convey the differentiating expertise of that particular person or firm – the two are inseparable.

Ah, the sense of place. It is a powerful, emotionally-charged experience. Buildings are as varied as people, and often pack just as much personality. The essence of branding a building or real estate development is to stand those differentiating qualities in stark relief, and to reflect as closely as possible the true experience of being in that space.

As with all branding, the foundation of any real estate brand is an authentic expression of the qualities it inspires in its visitors or residents.

People are passionate about their rides, and this often extends to the products and accessories that help their cars perform and look their very best, too.

Keying into this passion and appreciating people’s priorities are crucial elements to automotive branding, which often requires a style and panache equal to the expertise demonstrated by this competitive field’s knowledgeable audience.

Branding in the hospitality space is often a delight, because capturing delight is what it’s all about.

Whether it’s for an exciting new restaurant, a stylish hotel or a group of establishments across multiple locations each with their own distinct flavor, the goal is the same: to convey the essence of a uniquely wonderful experience and inspire people to try it for themselves, and then keep coming back.