Karen is passionate about growing things like flowers and vegetables. It’s no wonder she gets her best creative inspiration from nature and that her absolute favorite food is a bright and colorful salad. She has been known to attack a design project with her gardening gloves on and often rushes out of the kitchen in the middle of dinner prep to find the perfect radish. She loves yoga and sees graphic forms in the most extreme Cirque de Soleil poses.

At FLUXbranding, Karen is a spark of energy pushing us all to be brighter and better every day. But she is also an earth mother taking care of HR needs and lending a shoulder to anyone who needs a good cry. She is a strategist, an artist and a visionary and she may not immediately admit it, she has an excellent smile.

She loves hiking with her husband Jamie and their dog Koji, which means orphan in Japanese. A rescue animal, Koji is the perfect dog for a graphic designer. She has a full white coat with one excellent black spot. Beautiful.